Stainless Steel Polishing Solution

MIM stainless steel products polishing

The commonly used materials of MIM mainly include the following categories:

Material system Synthetic component
Low alloy steel Fe-2Ni 、F8i
Stainless steel 316L 、430L、 17-4PH
Tool steel 42Cr2Mo4、 M2
Cemented carbide WC-CO(6%)
Heavy alloy W-Ni-Fe、 W-Ni-Cu 、W-Cu


This article is mainly for 316L stainless steel to do a detailed introduction.

Materials Density(103kg/ m³) hardness Tensile strength Mpa Rate of elongation
Stainless steel 316L 7.94 52HRB 580/45

Why is polishing necessary?

Because the production process of metal injection molding products is generated after the injection process and then the sintering process

Process flow chart

The surface finish of such products is relatively low, roughly Ra1.6-Ra2.0, and occasionally there will be slight burrs on the surface. If the final product is used in consumer electronics, decorations, etc., there are high requirements for the surface of the product, it is necessary to achieve a better finish through the polishing process.

Stainless steel parts

Therefore, for MIM products, surface treatment processes such as grinding and polishing will be increased.

Polishing procedure

Mechanical polishing

  1. Polishing equipment

Automatic polishing disc machine

Polishing equipment

  1. Manual polishing.

Manual polishing

Optical consumables are matched, as shown in the table below

Polishing procedure Rough polishing Medium polishing Finishing polishing
Polishing wheel Hemp wheel Starched plume cloth Bleach wheel
Polishing wax Coarse white wax Medium-cast white wax Fine white wax

Stainless steel product’s polishing effect display
Using the above polishing scheme, the Stainless steel polished product can achieve a mirror effect.

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