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Metal Injection Molding History

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History Of Metal Injection Molding

The emergence of the MIM process is accompanied by the development of the plastics industry.

In 1909, with the advent of thermoplastics such as polyethylene and polypropylene, plastic injection molding machines emerged. In 1940, the emergence of MIM technology not only solved the problem of hardness and strength of plastic parts but also took into account the complex structure of parts. And in the process of continuous experimentation and improvement for more than 30 years, it gradually reached commercial use.

In 1979, a MIM company from California, USA, provided the Boeing Company with the screw seal of the propeller of the airliner and won the national industry award for this, and the rapid growth period of the MIM industry began.

With the advancement of technology, the MIM process has developed from iron materials to stainless steel materials, tungsten alloy materials, titanium alloy materials, ceramic materials, and bronze materials. . . And it is widely used in Auto, firearms, consumer electronics, industrial, and other industries.

metal injection molding process flow

The product is small in size and complex in structure, and the MIM process is the first choice for products purchased in large quantities.

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