Why choose MIM for smart wear parts

With the advent of the 5G era and people’s attention to sports and health, wearable watches are becoming more and more popular in the market.

While embedding the motion detection function also enriches blood pressure tests, heart rate tests, telephone interaction functions, etc.

The need for lightweight, ultra-thin, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced heat dissipation of watches is becoming more and more urgent.

Therefore, the advantages of metal insert molding: are suitable for complex structures, miniaturization, high hardness and strength, good heat dissipation of materials, etc., and it is especially suitable for the production of parts for wearable devices.

JH MIM– steel mold manufacturers, has been quantitatively produced and applied to wearable smart watches’ housing, structural parts, and heat dissipation parts.

Now we offering children’s smart watches, our output has reached 20K/day.

mim watch parts

Smart Watch MIM Components

1..Camera bracket

2.Key assembly

3.rotating shaft

4.Key hook


6.Buckle assembly

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