mim parts cost
Metal Injection Molding Cost


The cost of MIM PARTS, consists of the following costs

  1. material cost
  2. the cost of molds, which are divided into metal injection molds and sizing molds.
  3. product manufacturing cost, such as injection, degreasing, sintering, shaping, etc.
  4. product secondary processing costs, CNC, surface finishes, inspection, and warranty costs
  5. labor cost, overhead cost, profit margin, the tax cost

JH MIM, from the following aspects to reduce the cost of MIM products, to provide customers with cost-effective products.

MIM Manual TESTMIM Manual detectionMIM manual testingMIM manual testing

First of all, we make the material of the product ourselves, we have 8 patents related to the material.

Secondly, the mold is made by ourselves to reduce the mold cost. 10+ years of experience in MIM mold design, reducing the deformation of the product, and reducing the post-shaping process, thus reducing costs.

Again, there is a lot of equipment for post-processing, no need to process through third party

Finally, reasonable profit helps customers, get win-win.

MIM Cost Compared To Other Processes

MIM cost comparison


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