MIM Parts for Industrial and Tools

Industrial & tool

JH MIM as a leading  global supplier of mim products,

our products are used in a wide range of industrial and tool sectors.

MIM Industrial Product Solutions

In order to reduce processing costs, improve precision requirements, and make more complex product structure requirements, many industrial parts, such as iron and stainless steel products, are manufactured by traditional CNC, metal casting, aluminum die-casting and other processes, instead of mim metal parts.

The mim metal powder industry can be found in the following industry parts:

Mechanical equipment: gears, connectors

Door lock accessories: lock cylinder, lock pin,

Power Tools: Gears, Drills, Chucks, Blades

Valve: spool

We, JH MIM, are now providing a complete set of solutions for electronic door locks. From the lock cylinder to the optimized lock pin design, many other accessories are transformed into metal injection molded products. Reduced product cost by 20% for customers, shortened delivery time by 17%.

MIM Gear parts
Gear parts

High density powder metallurgy process, with multiple choice in materials, can meet high hardness, high strength, high impact performance, high wear resistance etc.

MIM Parts Of Complex connections
MIM Parts Of Complex connections

To achieve the part with complex internal channel design, and meet anti-rust performance and high pressure-tight ability also.

mim Structure connection class
Structure connection class

To satisfy customized products and requirements with competitive cost, for example, variety complex connectors, structure metal parts.

MIM parts of thin wall shell
MIM parts of thin wall shell

It is an ideal solution for the thin wall shell parts with high hardness materials ,high toughness.

mim Precision lock core
Precision lock core

Perfect solution for lock core, the part can be designed more complex, and with excellent anti-rust performance.

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