mim part surface finishes

MIM Parts Surface Finishes

Metal Injection Molding Surface Finishes

For Metal injection molding products, the surface finish is usually 32 µin Ra (through a sintering process). But to get a better physical performance or a better surface finish. Various surface treatment secondary processing can be applied. To meet the MIM product design requirements,


The usual surface treatments are as follows:

1.Chemical surface treatment: etching, pickling, polishing and chemical deburring, blackening treatment, etc

2.Organic coatings: including adhesive bonding, paint, etc

3.Heat treatment: improve the strength, wear resistance, and hardness of the components. The process here consists of tempering, and quenching.

4.Mechanical surface treatment: shot blasting, carving, polishing, finishing, deburring, and grinding, etc.

5.Metal coating: galvanizing, chrome plating, PVD coating, chemical metal coating, and melt immersion coating technology.


As Huawei’s mobile phone accessories supplier, JH MIM has a deep understanding of mirror polishing and PVD, and can also provide high-quality surface treatment products.

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