Metal powder is a fine powder made of metal materials in granular form, and metal powder is widely used. In the following areas, metal powders play an important role:

1.metallurgical material preparation:

1.1 Metal powder can be used for the synthesis and preparation of metallurgical materials. High-purity metal or alloy materials can be obtained by sintering or pressing metal powder at high temperatures. For example, metal powder has important applications in the preparation of cemented carbide, stainless steel, superhard materials, and other fields.

1.2 Metal powder can also be used as electrode materials in metallurgical processes such as electrolytic copper and electrolytic iron. Metal powder has high electrical conductivity and good electrochemical properties, which can improve the efficiency of the electrolytic process.

2. metal powder ceramic preparation:

2.1 Metal powder is widely used in the preparation of cermet. Metal powder and ceramic powder can be obtained by mixing, pressing, and sintering. Cermet has the thermal conductivity of metal and good mechanical properties, but also has the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of ceramics, and has a wide range of applications in aviation, aerospace, automotive, and other fields.

2.2 Metal powder can also be used to prepare functional ceramic materials, such as alumina ceramics, zirconia ceramics, etc. These ceramic materials have the characteristics of high temperature, corrosion resistance, etc., and are widely used in electronic devices, chemical equipment, and other fields.

3. powder metallurgy material preparation:

3.1 Metal powder can be used for the preparation of powder metallurgy materials. Powder metallurgy is the process of pressing and sintering metal powder to prepare parts or components with specific shapes and properties. This preparation method avoids the process of melting and pouring in traditional metallurgical methods and can realize the preparation of complex shapes and porous materials. Powder metallurgy materials are widely used in automotive, aviation, military, and other fields, such as engine parts, gears, bearings, and so on.

3.2 Metal Powder can also be used to prepare metal powder Injection Molding (Metal Powder Injection Molding, referred to as MIM) materials. MIM is the mixture of metal powder and polymer, through injection molding sintering, and other processes to prepare metal parts with complex shapes and high precision. MIM technology has the characteristics of high efficiency and economy and is widely used in electronics, medical equipment, watches, and other industries.

4. coating material preparation:

4.1 Metal powder can be used to prepare metal coating materials. Metal powder and powder spraying agents are sprayed on the surface of the coated material by a specific process to form a dense metal coating. This coating can provide good wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, widely used in automobiles, ships, construction, and other fields.

4.2 Metal powder can also be used to prepare cermet coatings. Through the composite spraying of metal powder and ceramic powder, a coating with dual properties of metal and ceramic is formed. This coating can not only provide the conductive ability of metal, but also has the high-temperature resistance and wear resistance of ceramic, and has a wide range of applications in electronic, mechanical, and other fields.

powder metal parts

Classification and application of metal powders

iron powder Powder metallurgy, manufacture of mechanical parts, production of friction materials, superhard materials, magnetic materials, welding materials, etc
copper powder Powder metallurgy, diamond tools, electrical materials, friction materials, etc
titanium powder Powder metallurgy, biomedical materials, aerospace, automotive parts, etc
cobalt powder Carbide, magnetic materials, batteries, diamonds,s, and other tools
aluminum powder Aviation, automobile, machinery manufacturing, powder coating, etc
tin powder Electric carbon products, friction materials, powder metallurgy, oil-bearing, etc
nickel powder Powder metallurgy, batteries, etc

powder metal parts

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