What Is MIM Parts?

mim products
MIM, short for Metal Injection Molding, is a new process for molding, used to produce metal parts. MIM products are made by mixing metal powder with a plasticizer and then using injection molding.

MIM parts are commonly used to make small metal components, such as connectors for electronic devices, ceramic resistors, automotive engine parts, etc. These components typically have high accuracy, high strength, rich detail, and low cost.

Compared with traditional processing methods such as casting, milling, stamping, etc., MIM parts have the following advantages:
  1. High precision, can manufacture high-precision complex parts;
  2. High material utilization rate, can avoid waste generation, low cost;
  3. High production efficiency, suitable for mass production, after process optimization, can realize 24-hour mechanical automation;
  4. Stable quality, easy mass production.

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MIM parts are commonly used to make a variety of small metal components such as:
  1. Connector: Used for connecting cables and PCB in electronic equipment;
  2. Lock: Used for door lock, car door lock, toolbox, etc.;
  3. ceramic resistance: used in electronic circuits, with high precision and stability;
  4. Watch accessories: such as gear, automatic vibrator, movement parts, etc.;
  5. Aircraft and aerospace parts: such as sensors, cylinders, precision connectors, etc.;
  6. Medical instrument parts: such as components, bone joint systems, surgical instruments, etc.

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MIM components usually have the advantages of high precision, high strength, good surface finish, etc. In addition, because MIM has good plasticity, good processability, high production efficiency, so it is widely used.


In short, the MIM process has been widely used in many fields, bringing great changes to the manufacturing industry.


mim products


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