China powder metal products supplier


JH MIM Powder Metallurgy Company

Manufacturing expertise at a factory that processes powder metallurgy

JH MIM Powder Metallurgical is dedicated to the manufacturing and processing of a wide range of powder metallurgical products. The firm has more than 80 production equipment, significant production capabilities, and years of manufacturing and processing experience.

Good product quality and minimal errors

To guarantee the accuracy of PM products, JH MIM uses cutting-edge high-precision machining equipment, ideal management system standards, a lean production management process, online integrated production, a computer simulation production process, and an error reporting device.

Technical expertise, high-performance costs

JH MIM has extensive experience in powder metallurgy processing and production, high-quality products at competitive prices, the introduction of cutting-edge production equipment to achieve low cost, high quality, and quality that will last, and the introduction of cutting-edge testing equipment to guarantee that the product testing is accurate.

Technical expertise, high-performance costs

JHMIM has a group of skilled sales and service representatives to give you a lot of personalized attention, a skilled after-sales team, frequent customer follow-up visits, and prompt problem-solving.


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