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What is metal alloy powder? It is the metal raw material of 3D printing technology, which is widely used in military, aviation, aerospace, medical and other high-tech industries. With the innovative development of 3D printing technology in China, the requirements for metal powder materials are becoming higher and higher.

powder metal 3d printing

Powder metal 3D printing vs. traditional machinery

Traditional mechanical parts of the finished product, rely on “lathe pliers milling”, which is the process of reducing material;

The finished product of 3D printing technology relies on the melting and casting of metal powder materials, which is an additive process

Powder metal 3d printing can not only improve efficiency and increase accuracy, but also achieve energy saving and emission reduction.

Powder metal 3D printing VS MIM

Many special material applications, such as titanium alloy, MIM and 3D printing technology can be applied, but there are some differences in the specific application. If it involves some special-shaped complex structures, such as hollow, hollow, etc., the MIM process can not be met by the limitations of the mold and 3D printing technology can be realized. If the appearance effect requires a high-gloss or mirror-polished product, 3D printing technology can also be achieved, and the MIM process is relatively suitable for matte, wire drawing and other appearance effects. However, overall, in terms of mass production and comprehensive comparative cost, MIM process has comparative advantages over 3D printing. Therefore, we believe that 3D printing technology and MIM technology is not a substitute or competitive relationship, but on the basis of meeting the different product needs of customers, and effectively complement each other.

3D printing metal powder materials are the premise to promote the development and progress of 3D printing technology and are also the key to the promotion and development of 3D printing applications. According to the Wohlers Report, 3D printing in 2022 is mainly used in aerospace, automotive, consumer and electronic products, medical/dental, consumer goods, mold manufacturing, electronics and other fields.

3D printing Applications

Application of powder metal 3D printing technology in various fields


Powder metal 3D printing aerospace field.

Powder metal 3D printing technology has great advantages in parts integrated manufacturing, large complex structural parts manufacturing, variable batch customized structural parts manufacturing, etc. It can solve the complex process problems faced by some parts of the aerospace field in the production process, so it has made rapid development in the aerospace field.

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Powder metal 3D printing automotive field.

Metal powder 3D printing technology continues to mature, to bring new options to automotive manufacturing, different from the traditional manufacturing processes such as milling, stamping and casting, 3D printing can produce difficult modeling products, and the use of 3D printing technology to manufacture parts, has become a new trend. 3Dpbm released a white paper on 3D printing in the automotive industry, predicting that the revenue of 3D printing for the production of automotive parts will be $12.974 billion in 2026 and $20.35 billion in 2030.

Application of powder metal 3D printing technology in the medical field.

With the gradual maturity of 3D printing technology, the market size of metal powder 3D printing in the medical field is also gradually expanding. 3D printing was first used to make medical models and customized rehabilitation medical equipment and is also used in dentistry, orthopedics, surgical guides, implants, precision medicine, drug screening and drug dosage form design. It is expected that the penetration rate of 3D printing technology in the medical field will continue to increase in the future, gradually covering multiple subdivided medical fields.

powder metal 3D printing

Powder of powder metal 3D printing

Powder metal 3D printing products cover a variety of high-end metal powders such as superalloy, die steel, high entropy alloy, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, cobalt chromium alloy and so on.

Superalloy powder:

Superalloy materials are the main materials for aerospace engines. Among them, the superalloy GH5188 and GH3230 need to add lanthanum, because the melting point of lanthanum is only 920, easy to burn and difficult to control, domestic technology has solved this difficulty, GH4169, GH3625, GH3536, GH4099, and other superalloy powder, It meets the demand of high-performance superalloy powder materials in the domestic aerospace field.


Die steel powder:

Die steel 3D printing powder quality requirements are higher, with 18Ni300 powder in high performance, high efficiency and other indicators compared with imported powder, The unique batch stability control method to ensure the stability of printing performance, is very few through the industrial application of the die steel powder verification.

High entropy alloy powder:

In recent years, with the development of 3D printing technology, the demand for high-entropy alloy powder for nuclear power, electric heating, hydrogen storage materials, etc., has gradually increased. For manganese containing high-entropy alloy, due to the volatilization and burning loss of manganese element, smoke is serious, it is difficult to observe the production situation in the furnace, resulting in composition does not meet the ratio requirements, resulting in composition deviation problems, domestic has solved the problem of large loss of Mn element in the production process, to ensure reliable and stable product quality.

         Aluminum alloy powder:

The new nano-ceramic reinforced aluminum alloy powder, processed into a workpiece by 3D printing (SLM) technology, has a tensile strength of 530MPa, an elongation of 15.5%, and a microhardness of 193HV, which is much higher than the forged aluminum alloy material (tensile strength 360MPa), and has been successfully applied in domestic large aircraft.

3d printing powder

Powder metal 3D printing is not only a means of metal manufacturing, we can control the temperature, control the flow and crystallization of the state, and eventually develop into a new material, its strength, toughness, quality, and life will climb to a new height. In the future, metal 3D printing will not only change the inherent large, heavy and expensive face of the large parts manufacturing industry but also enter thousands of households and benefit more people.

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