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How To Find a trusted MIM Company?

MIM metal injection molding industry, is an industry with high requirements for production equipment, engineer ability, and control volume. Metal injection molding technology was first developed and commercialized in the United States and Europe in the 1980s. However, as production costs in Europe and the United States become higher and higher, the supply chain is shifting to the Asia-Pacific region.

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However, the technology and capabilities of Southeast Asia and India are still difficult to meet the requirements, so if you choose a Chinese mim parts supplier with high quality and relatively low price, it is the first choice for many European and American companies.

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First, why do we need to find a new mim supplier?

  1. The existing mim supplier’s products constantly have problems, which are difficult to solve.
  2. There are some new businesses that the existing suppliers cannot provide.
  3. Limited capacity of existing suppliers, unable to provide products on time.
  4. Poor communication, problems concealed, affecting delivery time, affecting product quality, and many after-sales problems after receiving the goods.
  5. The need to reduce costs.
  6. A plan B is needed to reduce the risk of a supplier.

Second, the way to find mim suppliers

  1. Look for enterprises participating in the exhibition. Advantages can be directly communicated and quickly identified. Disadvantages, there are not many enterprises participating in the exhibition, and there are few options.
  2. Google, Bing and other search engines.
  3. Look for social media, Facebook, linkedin, etc.
  4. Introductions from friends.
  5. Find the suppliers of industry competitors. The advantage is that the quality can meet the requirements, the disadvantage is not conducive to the confidentiality of the product.

There are many ways to find, but 80-90% of buyers will still find new suppliers through the Internet, but the Internet has too many choices, too many fake. How to choose quickly, need skills, the following article will be more detailed introduction.

Third, the value of a good and reliable metal injection molding supplier

  1. Stable product quality.
  2. Product delivery is stable.
  3. Reduce after-sales costs.
  4. The scale of suppliers is steadily expanding, and the risk of bankruptcy is small.
  5. Can reduce costs.
  6. In special cases, high cooperation, new product development, special orders shortened delivery time, low MOQ, etc.
  7. Good communication.
  8. Have the ability to quickly find out and solve problems when problems arise.

Fourth, a good MIM supplier must have the quality and ability

  1. With a good leader, the development of suppliers will be better and better.
  2. The scale is moderate, the scale is too large, the management cost is high, the price is not advantageous, and the MOQ of the order is high

The scale is too small, the production capacity is limited.

  1. Excellent production equipment and production capacity are guaranteed.
  2. There is sophisticated testing equipment.
  3. Capable engineer team, early sample development, and mold design have an impact on the product price.
  4. QC team.
  5. Management system, perfect, ISO9001, IATF16949, and others need to have.
  6. The sales team communicates well.
  7. The company has certain expansion capabilities, such as MIM, PM, CIM, Die Casting, CNC, 3D printing, etc., to provide customers with one-stop services.
  8. New item, low MOQ service.

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Through Google search, find suppliers with the above qualities, and then through the inquiry, and then through a product test, obtain the various capabilities of the supplier, you can get the best results.

JH MIM, which started as MIM, has established a sound product ecology by investing in advantageous enterprises in related industries. Now it can provide customers with one-stop services such as PM, Die Casting, CNC, and 3D printing. It is equipped with integrated assembly capabilities and the quality of quality suppliers mentioned above. Please click the link below for more detailed information.

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