Micro metal injection molding

micro mim

Metal microinjection molding technology is one of the most effective methods for the mass production of high-precision and high-performance micro metal parts or ceramic parts.

The traditional powder injection molding technology which includes ceramic injection molding and metal powder injection molding (MIM and CIM), is a net-shape technique for producing high volume, high precision components used in a range of industries.PIM can produce parts with the size of 0.1 ~ 1mm, and the minimum parts of 20mg have been produced. However, with the development of micro-systems, including micro-optics, minimally invasive surgery, and micro-jet technology, metal and ceramic parts with complex shapes and sizes in the micron range are required. Micro metal injection molding micro MIM (μ-MIM) is suitable for large-scale manufacturing of micro structural parts.

Germany began to study microinjection molding technology 10 years ago, but the raw material used is thermoplastic, and the micro MIM (μ-MIM) part size has reached 0.2μm. On the basis of this research, Germany is now studying micro metal injection molding and micro-ceramic injection molding technology. The powder used is an average particle size of 15 μm carbonyl iron powder, 4 ~ 5μm stainless steel powder, and 0.6μm aluminum oxide powder. The binders used include self-mixing polyolefin/wax compounds and normal polyaldehyde compounds. The debinders in this study include heating removal of organic matter, catalytic debinders of polyaldehyde compounds, and supercritical carbon dioxide debinders.

micro mim parts

 JH MIM μ-MIM Process Produced

In comparison to traditional machine processing, the micro-MIM (μ-MIM) process has a number of significant advantages, such as the following:

  • Parts can be formed with complex features, similar to plastic injection molding; undercuts, threads, and slots can be produced efficiently.
  •  When two or more components are combined into one, assembly is omitted, saving time and money.
  • Compared to traditional machining, there is less waste or scrap because parts can be created in net shape.
  • Additionally, no additional machining processes are required.
  • Parts can be made with a purity of 98% and have uniformly smooth surface finishes.
  •  Cost-effectiveness: Customers can experience significant cost reductions over other traditional production techniques, especially for big batches.

micro metal parts

μ-MIM Parts

The μ-MIM products have a density of 98% and a linear shrinkage of 15%-22% after repressing. The smallest microceramic injection molded structural part size is 10μm, the weight of the microinjection ceramic gear is only 0 5mg, and the smallest micrometal injection molded part size is 50μm. Microinjection molding is used for micro-pump, micro-gear, micro-turbine, micro-catheter for minimal damage surgery, etc.



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