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Use the MIM process to provide cost-effective solutions for munitions gun products

gun parts

MIM gun parts are gun parts manufactured using the Metal Injection Molding  MIM  process.

In the traditional concept, it is always believed that only through forging, CNC, or casting can make suitable gun components, and the quality of products made by MIM is not good. But on the contrary, with the progress of powder metallurgy materials, and the maturity of the process, more and more gun manufacturers choose MIM to manufacture it,

The size of the products manufactured by MIM is controlled by the mold, and its tolerance can reach 0.3%, and the consistency of the products is very good.

MIM parts can use MIM-420, and MIM1704Ph, through heat treatment, so that the strength of the product is enhanced.

Because a single product is a molded product, it reduces the processing process and cost of CNC, and with the increase of the production quantity, the mold cost of a single product is also gradually decreased, usually the service life of MIM mold reaches 300,000 times.

Now, due to cost pressures and high requirements for product quality, many Oems are asking their parts suppliers to outsource their metal injection molding (MIM) parts production instead of operating machining centers in-house.

Meet the following requirements, more suitable for the use of the MIM process to replace the traditional CNC or casting process.

Condition Requirements
Annual output More than 10,000
Finished weight Less than 100g / 3.5oz
Component size Less than or equal to 3 inches
Maximum wall thickness Less than or equal to 3 mm /0.125 inch
Material type Ferrous metals only (no aluminum, copper, brass, zinc, or magnesium)
Complexity Medium to high complexity
Union of parts You can combine components into a single part
Advantage It can reduce the weight of parts and increase the strength of parts
Project CNC parts MIM parts
Cost (per unit) $8.25 $2.5
Machining center, labor, and related costs $825,000 $100,000
MIM mold cost An average of $20,000
Total cost (100,000 units produced in the first year) $825,000 ($8.25 per part) 250,000 ($2.50 per part)

Because the mold cycle of MIM is 300,000 pieces, the more the production, the lower the cost of the mold.

In addition, MIM suppliers, through their parts and mold design expertise, can further reduce the cost per part. Moreover, the precision, performance, and durability of the product can be improved through mold design and material selection, which is provided for the military industry

Low cost and maintenance of high-quality MIM gun parts.

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