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What is a terminal?

Terminals can also be called “screw terminals” and are essentially a form of electrical interchange that distributes power to your device. Terminals are commonly used in the automotive electrical field and are a routing tool to connect different circuits within and to each other.

The general terminal is done by stripping the insulation layer of the wire, winding it on the screw, and then fixing the screw in the terminal to achieve the connection, also called screw connection. The second method is to solder the connector to the wire and connect it to the terminal, connecting the wire to the wiring terminal. Usually in the car electric, you will see more connections using the second method, but there may still be screw connections in some devices. Terminals are designed for quick and simple connections that can be completed quickly and fixed quickly.


Typically, a terminal block serves two purposes, connecting different circuits together and providing electrical ground for the circuit. Of course, grounding provides a safe route for circuit termination, reducing the risk of short circuits within the system and serious injury to team members. Connecting different circuits can be a time-consuming task, making it easier for terminals to connect, but for circuits that require more intense interaction, different techniques may be required.

When selecting terminals, determine the requirements and understand the potential concerns. Most terminals have a specific purpose, they are most suitable for use in the electrical field, terminal terminals are convenient, and provide equipment with fast and efficient connection and circuit distribution.

Ceramic terminal is a common electronic component.

Ceramic terminal blocks high temperature, high pressure, and electrical breakdown strength 15-20kV /mm.

The ceramic terminal In use, will not be deformed by heat at all, and the shell will not shrink or break under a large change in temperature.

After closely combined with the line, it can achieve a dust and waterproof effect, and the maximum temperature can withstand 500-1000 degrees.

The Ceramic terminal disadvantage is: after a long time, the fastening screws are easy to rust and oxidize.

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