Can metal be injection molded?

Can metal be injection molded?
Yes, there are many metals that can be used for injection molding.

metal powder

Iron-based, low-alloy, high-speed steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy, hard alloy, etc. are all suitable for MIM forming.
Commonly used metal powders are: MIM4605, MIM304L, MIM316L, MIM17-4PH, MIM-Ti, etc.

But now copper-containing alloys are still in the experimental stage in the metal injection industry,

The MIM process is one of the most popular metal injection processes today. (What is MIM see link)

Since this process was invented in 1986, in the past 30 years, the MIM market has grown from $9 million to $4.5 billion (according to BCC Research data), and the industry has grown by 500 times! Be one of the largest growth markets due to the huge advantages of MIM technology in terms of production efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

JH MIM, the main production and application of electronic consumer terminals, including tablet computers, smart touch capacitive pens, smart wearable devices, aerial drones, USB charging interface shells, ring chambers for 5G base stations, car shift knobs, etc.

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