Alumina Ceramic Properties

Alumina ceramic is the most mature of the engineering ceramics, offering excellent electrical insulation properties together with high hardness and good wear resistance,but relatively low strength and fracture toughness.Alumina ceramic is generally white but may also be pink or ivory.The color is derived from either the sintering additives or impurities in the raw materials.

Alumina Ceramic Products Features & Advantage

1.High hardness.
2.High heat resistance: alumina ceramic has excellent thermal stability which means that it is widely,used in areas where resistance to high temperatures is essential.
3.Good wear resistance: alumina ceramic is the material of choice for alumina wear parts.
4.High electrical resistivity: alumina is an electrically insulating material.
5. High corrosion resistance: it is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in strong acid and alkaline
solutions. Good chemical stability of alumina leads to high corrosion resistance

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