Advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy gear

powder metallurgy gear

Powder metallurgy is widely used due to its unique advantages. The proportion of powder metallurgy parts in automobiles and motorcycles is increasing day by day. The most widely used one is powder metallurgy gears. The proportion of powder metallurgy gears in automobiles and motorcycles is far greater than that of powder metallurgy parts in other fields. Powder metallurgy gears also have advantages and disadvantages. Please read the following article to determine whether your gear product is suitable for powder metallurgy technology.

Advantages of powder metallurgy gears:

  1. Low cost, high production efficiency, one-time molding, no need to process gear teeth after molding.
  2. Due to the processing characteristics of powder metallurgy, oil-containing parts can be made into lubrication-free parts, but the effect is still worse than oil bath lubrication and belongs to the boundary lubrication state.
  3. There is no waste in the gear forming process, which is the best utilization of steel resources.

Disadvantages of powder metallurgy gears:

  1. Since powder metallurgy is a recrystallization process where metal powder is formed at high temperature, it does not go through the rolling process and does not form metal fiber flow. It is a non-oriented mechanical property. Therefore, the bending and shear strength of the gear teeth are both Not as good as traditional machined gears.
  2. Still because of the reason 1, the tooth contact strength of the powder metallurgy gear is also low, so it cannot transmit large torque.
  3. Although gear teeth can be made into oil-containing gears, the effective time of oil lubrication is relatively short. To ensure normal use, external lubrication must be considered, and oil bath lubrication is the best.
  4. The precision of powder metallurgy gears is relatively low because there is no way to control it during the high-temperature sintering and molding process. Just like burning bricks, what the bricks will look like and their precise dimensions cannot be controlled. Therefore, Transmission smoothness is poor. Due to this reason, the surface roughness of the gear teeth is also relatively large, which will produce noise in the transmission.

The above is about the advantages and disadvantages of powder metallurgy gears. In some unimportant structures, powder metallurgy gears can be considered, such as toys, etc., and for high-torque transmissions, mechanically processed gears are still the first choice. The accuracy of gears made by powder metallurgy is not very high. , generally around 10 wires, not suitable for precision transmission.

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