5 applications of powder metallurgy

powder metallurgy applications

Powder metallurgy is the use of metal powder plasticity and compressibility, through pressing, sintering, hot processing and other processes, to prepare a variety of metals, alloys, ceramics and other complex shape products. Its basic principle is to make metal materials into powder, and then through molding, sintering and other processes to process it into the required products.

1: Powder Metallurgy In Automobile field

Powder metallurgy process spare parts for gears, engine rotors, car tailgates, car wipers, etc. in the automotive field.


2: Powder Metallurgy In Digital electronic home appliance field

Powder metallurgy process application for spare parts such as smartphones, laptops, smart wearables, and home appliances.


3: Powder Metallurgy In Hardware tools field

Locks, deadbolts, power tools, and hardware tool spare parts all use powder metallurgy molding technology.


4: Powder Metallurgy In Communication field

Base station communication gearboxes, antennas and other spare parts all use powder metallurgy technology.


5: Powder Metallurgy In Medical device field

Medical devices have relatively high requirements for spare parts. Powder metallurgy net forming technology is very suitable for the application of medical device spare parts, with higher precision and cleaner and more hygienic products.

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